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raisi-US Sanctions

“Comments by Iranian Officials Triggered Tighter US Sanctions”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s main rival in Iran elections has hit out at the foreign policy adopted by his administration, saying remarks by some domestic authorities have led to the intensification of US bans on Tehran.

Iranian Candidate Wears Sweepers’ Uniform to Collect Election Flyers

A young PhD student who failed to garner enough votes in the recent local elections in Iran has put on street sweepers’ uniform to collect his election campaign flyers from the streets.
Iranian Street Sweeper Elected to City Council

Iranian Street Sweeper Elected to City Council

An Iranian street sweeper, who holds a BA degree, has managed to win the local election in the city of Rasht in northern Iran.
Saudi Salman King and Trump Dance

Only Election in Saudi Arabia Dates Back to 14 Centuries Ago!

A popular Iranian actor says the only election ever held in Saudi Arabia dates back to 14 centuries ago, when they picked people from their tribes to assassinate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

50 Tonnes of Election Campaign Posters Removed from Tehran Streets

A Tehran Municipality official says more than 50 tonnes of waste paper remaining from Iranian candidates’ campaigns for the recent elections have been collected and removed from the Iranian capital’s streets.
Iran President to Meet Mirza Aqa, His Most Famous Supporter-1

Iran President to Meet Mirza Aqa, His Most Famous Supporter

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to meet one of his supporters whose photo was widely circulated in his election campaign before garnering the majority of votes in May 19 presidential vote.

Rouhani to Hold First Press Conference after Re-Election

Hassan Rouhani, who was recently re-elected as Iran’s president in the May 19 presidential election, is going to attend a press conference in Tehran.

Qalibaf Congratulates Rouhani on People’s ‘Epic’ Turnout

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the Mayor of Tehran who dropped out of Iran’s presidential election in favour of a fellow right-winger, has felicitated the re-elected president Hassan Rouhani on the Iranian nation’s massive and epic turnout in the votes.
Afghan Lawmaker Praises Iran’s Free Election

Afghan Lawmaker Praises Iran’s Free Election

A member of the Afghan Parliament has praised the mechanism of holding presidential election in Iran, and has compared the turnout in the Middle Eastern country’s vote with that in the polls in the so-called democratic European states.

Trump Must Read This Story about Iran Elections

The high turnout in Iran’s presidential election will leave the US president no excuse to circumvent the reality. Here is an account of the Friday’s votes, which Trump should better read.

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