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News and opinion on the banking and finance sectors domestically and abroad. It includes national-level policy-making, the Central Bank of Iran, the stock exchange, as well as private actors in the field.

‘Iran, China to Resume Banking Ties in Coming Days’

An Iranian official says problems with Iran-China banking relations have been resolved and financial transactions will be resumed as of this weekend, when Beijing will restart its oil imports from the Islamic Republic.

‘France, Germany Step in to Bypass US Bans by Hosting SPV’

France and Germany will likely host the Special Vehicle Purpose (SPV), a special payment channel created by Europe as part of its efforts to keep trade flowing with Iran in defiance of US sanctions, senior diplomats told the Wall Street Journal.

‘Foreign Banks Being Connected to Iranian Alternative to SWIFT’

Iran’s Central Bank says a financial mechanism is being developed to replace SWIFT system for transactions with Iran, and foreign banks are gradually joining the new system, known as SEPAM, to conduct financial transactions with the Islamic Republic.

Iran Says Frustrated by EU’s Slow Pace in Implementing SPV

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran is frustrated by the slow pace of EU moves to help Iran reap the full benefits of the JCPOA after Washington’s pullout from the international deal.

‘France May Host Europe-Iran Payment Channel’

Iran’s deputy oil minister says Europe’s special payment channel, known as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), may be set up in France to facilitate trade with Tehran.

Gold, Forex Rates Decrease in Iran despite US Sanctions

Market figures in Iran show the prices of the US dollar and gold – two key drivers of consumer prices - have been declining over the past week in what is seen as a clear defiance against earlier predictions that sanctions could trigger a price shock in the country.

Zarif Summoned to Parliament for Money Laundering Remarks

The Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy commission has summoned Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to clarify his controversial remarks about “rampant” money laundering in Iran, which have drawn angry reactions from political and media circles.

Zarif Rejects Concerns, Defends Iran Getting Out of FATF Blacklist

Iran’s top diplomat has once again argued for Tehran’s adoption of standards set by the global anti-money laundering body, saying concerns that FATF accession harms national security interests are baseless and Iran’s failure to get itself out FATF blacklist would mean Tehran has shot itself in the leg.

Iran Legislation Watchdog Rejects CFT Bill, Returns It to Parliament

Iran’s legislation watchdog, the Guardian Council, has rejected a bill on Iran’s accession to the Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) convention, which had been passed by the Parliament.

Five Tips to Reduce a Business’s Cash Flow Issues

Managing a business’s cash flow situation is a daunting task for any business owner. Even the most profitable and financially successful companies experience cash flow issues when the executive and managerial board fails to handle the business’s investing activities, business operations, and finances efficiently.

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