Iranian Daily: Complying with FATF most daunting challenge for President-Elect Pezeshkian

The first and foremost challenge for Iran’s newly elected reformist President Massoud Pezeshkian is to fall into steps with the directives of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) watchdog in order to reap its economic interests, a newspaper argues.

In an article titled “The President of Consensus”, reformist Sharq newspaper wrote on Monday that holding a successful election should be the first step to forging much-needed unity within the nation on various issues, including the FATF, that keep the country from moving on.

Iran’s relationship with the FATF has been complex and politically sensitive. Adopting FATF standards, that develop policies to combat “money laundering” and “terrorist financing”, has been a contentious issue in Iran.

Some argue that complying with the FATF requirements is necessary for Iran’s economic health and international integration, while others contend that the measures could undermine Iran’s national sovereignty and expose the country to external pressures.

Sharq noted that experts who can provide officials with accurate information on the subjects are key to facilitating the consensus on pressing issues, most significantly the FATF which has created major setbacks for the country’s financial interactions with the world.

It called on the opponents of the financial watchdog to refrain from provocative interviews and incitement of public opinion on the issue, reminding that failing to get the FATF’s approval will put the country’s international business on a back burner.

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