Massive embezzlement scheme uncovered in Tehran state bank, preventing huge losses

In a shocking revelation, the Prosecutor of Tehran has announced the investigation into a major embezzlement case involving a staggering amount of 29 thousand billion rials in one of Tehran's state banks.

The accused mastermind behind this audacious scheme had devised an elaborate plan to siphon off funds from the bank’s resources and convert them into 60 million foreign digital currencies of the Tether type, depositing them into his virtual wallet.

The alarm was raised when the “Saima” system detected a significant discrepancy of 29 thousand billion rials in the bank account.
Swift action was taken as the matter was immediately reported to bank security, preventing any further damage.

Checks that were intended to be deposited into the cryptocurrency seller’s account were halted, leading to the subsequent arrest of the individuals involved.

This timely intervention by authorities saved the bank from substantial financial losses.

The Prosecutor’s Office is now working diligently to uncover all details surrounding this embezzlement case and bring those responsible to justice.

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