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Iran's Nature

Iran’s Karaj hosts tulip festival

A tulip festival is underway in the Iranian city of Karaj, near the capital Tehran, which showcases the largest carpet flower in West Asia.

Unseasonal snow brings joy to Meshgin Shahr in northwestern Iran

The Iranian city of Meshgin Shahr in northwestern province of Ardabil was covered with snow on Thursday in the spring.

Lightning lights up Iranian capital’s skyline

People in the Iranian capital Tehran, a dry city for most of the year, experienced heavy showers and lightning on Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday. 

Spring blossoms in orchards of Golestan province, northern Iran

With the beginning of spring, fruit trees have blossomed and created unique landscapes in the gardens and fields of Iran's Golestan province.

Rarely-seen Persian leopards show up in Iran’s Mazandaran

A camera trap equipped with motion sensors has recorded images of two Persian leopards in the northern Iranian city of Savadkouh in Mazandaran Province.

Iran’s natural wonder: Mud volcano in north

Naftalijeh mud volcano is one of the natural places of Golestan province, which is located in Gomishan city in the east of the Caspian.

Villagers in northeast Iran hand out animal feed to local wildlife

The historical Kalidar village lies 90 kilometers northwest of the town of Neyshabur in the northeastern Iranian province of Razavi Khorasan province, and 20 kilometers east of the town of Chekneh on the slopes of Mount Binalud.

4 brown bears spotted in Iran’s Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

The director general of the Environmental Protection Department of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, in southern Iran, says environmentalists have spotted 4 brown bears around the Dana protected area in Dana city.

Iran’s Maranjab desert mirage: Snowflakes grace unlikely landscape

In a captivating twist of nature's whimsy, Maranjab desert, typically known for its arid terrain, has recently hosted an unexpected guest – snow.

Snow covers Tehran, brings joy and relief

Heavy snow covered the Iranian capital Tehran on Friday, after a period of low precipitations in the city and across the country which alarmingly diminished the water reservoir levels in the mostly dry country.

Iran tourism: Masuleh looks like work of art after snow

The Iranian city of Masuleh, a renowned tourism destination, now looks like a painting after the recent snow covered the city in northern Gilan Province.

Iran tourism: Miqan among 10 major wetlands in the country

The Miqan Wetland, located 16 kilometers northeast of Arak in central Iran, has special ecological features, including its hosting a large number of migratory birds each year, among which some rare and protected species can be seen. 

Iranians filled with joy after much-coveted snow plasters cities

Iranians mainly in western and northern cities of the country are cheerful after seeing snow in a dry winter which is characterized by very low rates of precipitations.

Siberian seagulls, cherished guests of Iran’s Shiraz

Every year in the winter, Iran’s southern city of Shiraz, welcomes black-headed gulls from Siberia.

Illicit market for wild birds in north Iran shuttered

The market for illegal trade in wild birds in the northern Iranian city of Fereydunkenar has been closed down after years of concern by environment lovers.

Daffodil extravaganza unfolds in Iran’s Juibar, Mazandaran Province

Amidst a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and the fragrant embrace of narcissus flowers, the 6th Daffodil Festival in the northern Iranian city of Juibar burst into life with an electrifying inauguration by Babak Momeni, the head of Mazandaran's agricultural jihad.

2,000 endangered baby turtles embark on critical journey from Iran’s Kish to Persian Gulf

In a bid to ensure the survival of an endangered species, Kish Island's protected site for turtles has witnessed a significant milestone.

Autumn in Hyrkanian Forests, northern Iran

The forests of northern Iran are among the most beautiful ones in the world, where there are more than 80 species of trees and shrubs.

Autumn rain in Tehran

A picture of a rainy day in the Iranian capital, Tehran. In autumn and winter, Tehran faces the problem of severe air pollution. Rain and snow, in addition to removing air pollution, grant the residents of Tehran a great sense of softness and beauty.

Iran tourism: Bisheh waterfall lures tourists from across world

The Bisheh waterfall is one of the natural attractions in the province of Lorestan in western Iran.

Extraordinary Mazandaran: where history, nature unite!

Nestled in the heart of Iran, Mazandaran province stands as a testament to history and natural beauty. With its rich heritage and stunning landscapes, this region continues to captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Essence of autumn: pomegranate harvesting in western Iran

Ahmad Riyahi Dehkordi’s captivating picture report brings to life the vibrant essence of Mashayekh village's deep connection with pomegranates, a beloved autumn fruit interwoven into the locals' livelihoods for generations.

Pirsalman Wetland in western Iran on last leg

Pirsalman Wetland, one of the 27 natural and artificial wetlands in Iran’s Hamedan Province is vanishing into thin air amid drought and diverging water resources.

Iran’s Azini Wetland, a winter abode for endangered birds

The Azini Wetland in the southeast of the Hormuz Strait is one of the most amazing tropical wetlands in Iran.

Perseid meteor shower lights up Iran’s sky

The annual Perseid, one of the biggest meteor showers, reached its peak this week in southwestern Iranian province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and sent bright trails of light streaking across the night sky.

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