Friday, June 21, 2024

Steam rising from Taftan volcano sparks concern among locals in Iran’s southeast

The release of gas and steam from the crater of the semi-active Taftan volcano has been causing concern among residents in the Sistan and Baluchistan region since the last days of May.

This activity has led to fears of potential volcanic unrest in the area.

Mount Taftan, located in the border region between Balochistan and Taftan city, last erupted in 1970-1971.

The current emissions have raised alarms, prompting officials to closely monitor the situation.

The Director General of Zahedan Geology and Mineral Explorations provided an update, stating that the observed vapors are likely related to recent increases in precipitation and are different from magmatic vapors typically associated with volcanic activity.

He emphasized that while current data do not indicate any immediate anomalies, more extensive scientific research is necessary to accurately predict the possibility of an eruption.

The local authorities continue to keep a vigilant eye on Mount Taftan, reassuring the public that safety measures and monitoring systems are in place to respond to any significant changes.

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