Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Environmental Protection

Iranians join world people to mark Earth Hour 2023

Iranians mark Earth Hour 2023, an annual event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature asking people worldwide to “go dark” for an hour in support of efforts to save energy and raise awareness for environmental issues and climate change.

Deforestation threatening massive natural habitat in Iran’s Zagros Mountauns

A massive span of oak forests in western Iran are in danger of being wiped out due to urban development plans as well as wildfires, droughts, irregular grazing, pests, and other malaises.

Water reserves behind Tehran dams at lowest level in 50 years: Official

An Iranian official warns that the available water reserves behind dams supplying water to the capital, Tehran, the country’s most populous city, have decreased to the lowest level in half a century, urging the public to help save water.

Iranian official confirms presence of methane over Tehran landfill

An Iranian official has confirmed the presence of methane over a landfill in southern Tehran, saying the landfill should be relocated promptly, but has questioned a NASA reading that said a plume of the gas at the site was 4.8 kilometers long.

Fire in Hoor-al-Azim Wetland still burning, smoke blanketing Iranian cities

An Iranian official says the fire in the Iraqi part of Hoor-al-Azim Wetland is continuing to burn, and smoke from the fire has blanketed some Iranian cities.

15 tons of garbage dumped into Iran’s Anzali Lagoon daily: Environment official

An Iranian environment official says 15 tons of refuse is dumped into Anzali Lagoon in Iran’s northern Gilan Province every day.

Fish die in northern Iranian lagoon due to hot weather

A heat wave in the northern Iranian Anzali lagoon, Guilan Province, has led to the growth of a highly aggressive species of fern known as Azolla as well as common water hyacinth across the wide swathe of the wetland, reducing oxygen concentration in the water.

Regional environment ministers issue declaration, calling for tackling sandstorms

The environment ministers of regional countries have signed a declaration after a recent meeting in Tehran, calling fot countering environmental challenges including sandstorms.

Migratory birds market permanently closed in northern Iran

The Iranian parliament’s environment commission says the wild birds market of the northern city of Fereydunkenar has been permanently closed upon an order from the judiciary.

Iranians observe Sizdah Be-dar, the Day of Nature

Sizdah Be-dar is the last festival in the Nowruz festivities in Iran that come after Khaaneh Tekani, Charshanbe Suri, Tahvile Saal (beginning of the new year), Haft Seen and Nowruz family visits.

Oil slicks mar coasts in southern Iran

Oil slicks floating in waters off the coast of Khark Island in southern Iran, have come ashore in the city of Bushehr, contaminating the coastline in several locations.

Poachers slaughtering more migratory birds in N Iran

Reports say poachers continue slaughtering migratory birds spending the winter in Iran’s northern coastline, while local environmental authorities fail to act against it.

Rainfalls fully restore water to Jazmourian wetland in SE Iran

An Iranian environmental official says water resources have been fully restored to the Jazmourian wetland, one of the largest of its kind in the central plateau of Iran, thanks to the recent rainfalls and flood

Iran names newly discovered species of fish after Ali Daei

A new species of fish discovered by Iranian and German researchers is named after former international Iranian footballer Ali Daei.

“Mother of Iran’s environment” dies at 104

Mahlagha Mallah, an activist known as the mother of the environment of Iran, has died at the age of 104.

Iranian family raises red deer cub

In the spring of 2021, a shepherd found a red deer cub in the heights of Iran’s Mazandaran Province in northern Iran and decided to sell it.

Injured Iranian eagle flying free after rehabilitation

A rare Iranian eagle found injured and unable to fly six months ago in Iran’s Albroz province is now flying free. The director-general of Alborz Environment Department said the Golden Eagle was rehabilitated after it was found.

Wintering birds taking refuge at Iran’s Miankaleh Lagoon

Miankaleh Lagoon in southern Caspian Sea is hosting the first flocks of migratory birds, thousands in number, fleeing Siberia’s harsh cold.

Wildfire burning Iran’s Kouh-e-Nour forests

A huge wildfire is burning forests of Kouh-e Nour in the suburbs of the Iranian city of Kohgiluyeh.

Dasht-e Naz Wildlife Reserve: Conserving Persian Fallow Deer

Dasht-e Naz wildlife protected area is located 25 kilometers to the north east of Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, and spans 55 hectares. The mountainous area is one of the tourist destinations of Sari and is covered by Hyrcanian forests.

World-Renowned Iranian Geographer Parviz Kardavani Dies

Famous Iranian geographer Parviz Kardavani, who was known as the father of scientific desertology of Iran, passed away on Wednesday evening, August 18, at the age of 90.

Saplings Planted in Memory of Environment Reporters Killed in Bus Crash

Two saplings have been planted in the precincts of the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization of Iran in memory of two late correspondents of IRNA and ISNA news agencies, who lost their lives during a bus crash incident near the northeastern city of Orumiyeh nearly two weeks ago.

Iran Govt. Says Will Review Protocols on Dispatching Reporters on Business Trips

Iran’s government spokesman has called for a review on safety protocols for dispatching of reporters on business trips, after two correspondents lost their lives in a bus crash incident in the Western Azarbaijan province in the northwest of the country.

Iranian Journalists Call for VP’s Resignation after Deadly Bus Crash

A group of Iranian journalists have gathered in front of the Iranian Department of Environment to call for the resignation of the Vice-President for Environment, Issa Kalantari, following the tragic bus accident where two journalists died.

Lioness Undergoes Root Canal Surgery in Iran

This is the story of a female veterinarian undertaking the daunting task of performing a root canal surgery on a lioness.

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