Monday, July 15, 2024

Iran president urges forming joint fund to finance environmental measures, tackle dust storms

The Iranian president has called for the establishment of a joint international fund to tackle dust particulates.

In a speech at an international conference in Tehran on handling dust and sand storms on Saturday, Ebrahim Raisi urged different countries to jointly establish a fund to bankroll measures to protect the environment.

“With the participation of different countries, namely those attending this conference, this joint fund can serve as a proper backup to implement environmental decisions and tackle dust and sandstorms,” said the president.

“We can help solve problems by having a common perspective on the environment and distancing ourselves from any conventional political and diplomatic suspicions and offering solutions and using scientific and research centers,” he added.

“One of the most important causes of dust buildup is draught as well as insufficient precipitation, so management of water resources is of utmost importance,” added President Raisi.

He said seeking development without paying due regard to the environment and the production of pollutants is another cause of dust buildup, adding, “Developed countries only care about their industrial development and the enhancement of their military tools, which is injustice against humanity and the environment.”

He also urged participants in the Tehran conference to share their scientific and research findings.

The Tehran environmental conference has brought together delegates from 50 countries.

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