Saturday, May 25, 2024

President Raisi: Iran has a lot to say in advanced military industries

President Ebrahim Raisi said  that Iran displayed its military capabilities in a recent operation against the Israeli regime.

The president, who is on a tour of the central Iranian province of Semnan, said on Thursday, “In advanced military industries, we have a lot to say and all saw the outcome of it,” referring to Iran’s operation on Saturday that targeted specific Israeli military and intelligence centers following the Israeli regime’s strike on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Damascus on April 1.

The Iranian president also rebuked Israeli allies, including Jordan, for siding with the occupying regime in Iran’s retaliatory operation. President Raisi noted, “More than 10 countries used all their facilities to neutralize our forces, but they failed.”

President Raisi also revealed that some officials from other countries called the Iranian Foreign Ministry before the operation, expressing doubt that the Iranian missiles and drones could even reach the Israeli-occupied territories.

Iran used hundreds of drones as well as ballistic and cruise missiles in the Operation True Promise, which laid bare the Israeli regime’s much-touted Iron Dome’s vulnerabilities and left the regime officials in disarray.

The president embarks on provincial tours mainly to overhaul the development plans across Iran.

He called on all officials to assess their performance in order to improve the situation in various fields amid the US-led Western sanctions against Iran.

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