Iranian warship Sahand encounters incident near Bandar Abbas

An Iranian army warship, the Sahand, experienced an incident near a repair facility close to Bandar Abbas. Reports suggest potential issues with the ship's ballast tank or water ingress through the shaft area during repairs.

Given the advanced equipment at the nearby repair complex and the size of the vessel, it is feasible to extract and repair the ship.

The incident, which occurred 35 kilometers west of the city of Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan province, resulted in several injuries, with those affected transported to medical facilities.

The Sahand warship was docked at a quay near the ISOICO complex when the accident happened. The CEO of ISOICO stated that the warship was outside the ISOICO repair area.
He mentioned that the complex is collaborating with the Navy’s marine engineering units to restore the ship to normal condition, confirming the possibility of repairing and re-operationalizing the vessel.

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