Friday, May 24, 2024

President Raisi: Iran cannot be sanctioned

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says Western efforts to isolate Iran have failed as the country has resorted to its natural wealth and human resources to make the punitive measures fizzle out.

President Raisi made the remarks on Saturday in a ceremony to inaugurate Iran Expo 2024, the 6th edition of the exhibition of Iran’s export capabilities.

“The evil plans to isolate Iran have not succeeded and will never succeed. It shows that Iran with its material and spiritual reserves and efficient and determined human resources and with initiatives and creativity and with the benefit of new technologies can have innovations for the world in various fields and to the world,” he said.

President Raisi stated that Iran Expo is a benchmark that shows the country has managed to “turn threats into opportunities,” referring to decades long US-orchestrated sanctions against Iran.

He said imposing sanctions is a declaration of war, but added that Iran can beat the embargoes by indigenizing knowhow and boosting its production and exports capacities.

“Sanctions are a kind of war, but not a military one, a war that deprives a nation of what it can achieve,” he said.

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