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Iranian president: Any new Israeli adventurism will face heavier response

Iran’s president has warned any new ‘adventurism’ by Israel against Iranian interests will have more serious repercussions than the military strike on the occupied territories on Sunday.

Ebrahim Raisi said, “Relying on Islamic Iran’s proud nation and the strong armed forces, I emphasize that any new adventurism against the interests of the Iranian nation will be met with a heavier and regrettable response.”

Iran staged an unprecedented operation from its own territory against the Israeli-occupied territories in retaliation for the Tel Aviv regime’s aggression against the Iranian Embassy’s consular section in the Syrian capital Damascus two weeks ago.

President Raisi praised the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for launching the extensive operation involving dozens of drones, ballistic and cruise missiles.

He said, “The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, with the cooperation and coordination of all defense and political sectors of the country, opened a new page in the history of Iran’s authority and taught the Zionist enemy a lesson they will never forget.”

Although Israeli officials have threatened that they will respond to the Sunday attack, several Iranian military and political figures have warned the next Iranian retaliation will be more painful.

President Raisi described the strikes as decisive, saying the hybrid operation carries a message of power and grandeur.

Criticizing the inaction of the regional and international bodies regarding the Israeli deadly raid on Iran’s mission, President Raisi said the UN Security Council, under the influence of the US and a few supporters of the Zionist regime, has failed to fulfil its duties.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran took the prudent and powerful measure to safeguard its interests, and protect its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

President Raisi added the Islamic Republic regards regional security as a prerequisite for its national security and will spare no efforts to restore and keep peace and stability in the region.

He warned the Zionist regime poses an immediate and continuous threat against regional peace and security.Emphasizing on Iran’s policy of neighbourliness, President Raisi added the prowess of the Islamic Republic of Iran serves the interests of the regional nations.

The Iranian president also said the Zionist regime’s genocide and violence against Palestinians is the root cause of the regional crisis, throwing Iran’s full support for the Resistance Front.

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