Saturday, March 2, 2024

Battling extremes: Aid workers prepare for weather whiplash in 10 Iranian provinces

Aid workers are on high alert across 10 provinces in Iran as the Head of the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization issues a weather warning.

Anticipating snow, rain, blizzards, and the potential for avalanches, preparations are underway for adverse conditions on Friday and Saturday.

Red Crescent aid workers and rescuers are fully mobilized to offer essential services in the event of accidents.

Adding to the complexity, Iran is experiencing a significant temperature difference with a range of 50 degrees.

While Varzaqan in East Azerbaijan shivers at minus 20 degrees, Zarabad and Rask in Sistan and Baluchestan endure a relatively warm positive 30 degrees.

This weather extremity underscores the diverse challenges faced by aid workers in providing timely assistance and support to communities affected by the impending severe weather conditions.

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