Friday, June 21, 2024

Five cheetahs spotted in protected park in central Iran 

Five Asiatic cheetahs have been spotted in a protected area in the Iranian central province of Semnan, an official said. 

Director General of the Environmental Protection Department of Semnan Province, Bahramali Zaheri released the video of the cheetahs in Touran Park’s Delbar region on Friday.

18 Asiatic cheetahs that are on the list of endangered species were registered in Iran last year, which was a significant improvement compared to the previous years.

The world’s fastest land animal’s habitats were once extended from the eastern parts of India to the Atlantic coast of Senegal.

Only decades ago, they populated vast regions across India, Pakistan, Russia, and West Asia, but have been entirely wiped out except in Iran, which is the stronghold of the species fighting for survival.

Their population is shrinking due to a combination of threats inflicted by human and nature.

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