Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iranian MP: Turkey’s dam construction will have huge impact on Iran’s northwest

An Iranian lawmaker says Iran’s reaction to Turkey's dam construction effort should be within the framework of bilateral relations, that is, Iran needs to have the means to influence the behavior of the other side.

Ahmad Alirezabeigi was speaking about Turkey’s dam construction on Aras River and its ramifications for Iran.

Alirezabeigi added that Iran is not a member of the respective international convention regarding Aras, to force Turkey to stop what it is doing.

He said Turkey’s action will leave more than 83% of the Aras River discharge and this will have a huge impact on Iran’s northwest.

Alirezabeigi also said Iran has a contract with the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the right to the Aras water, noting that in addition to Iran, the countries of the Caspian basin, including Azerbaijan, also have a share of the Aras basin, because the end of the river reaches the Caspian Sea, and the construction of Turkey’s dam will prevent the water from entering the Caspian.

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