Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Iran Bans Export of Masks amid Surge in COVID-19 Infections

Iran has banned the export of face masks for now given a surge in coronavirus cases and the high demand for masks nationwide.

“Based on a decision made by the [coronavirus] task force, it is forbidden to export different types of masks for the time being,” said Jamshid Golpour, the head of the Industry ans Trade Ministry’s Centre for Guilds and Businesspeople

He further touched upon health protocols that make wearing masks obligatory and highlighted that some provinces are in a “red” state with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak.

He urged people as well as the private and public sectors to contribute to efforts to contain the novel coronavirus.

“The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade makes every effort to remove obstacles to production, especially those in the cycle of producing masks,” he noted.

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“Producers are expected to provide distribution networks with standard masks at already approved prices,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade supports workshops producing masks.

He added masks should also be offered for sale via online shops.

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