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Iran Produces Homegrown Vacuum Therapy Unit

A knowledge-based Iranian company has managed to prevent the deaths of 7,000 patients via vacuum therapy and is currently designing a new variant of this product.

Iran Unveils Bio-Printer Capable of Making Artificial Bones

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a bio-printer which is capable of 3D printing of human bone.

Iran to Produce All Medicine It Needs in 3 Years: Minister

Iran will achieve self-sufficiency and produce all the medicine it needs in three years’ time, says Minister of Health and Medical Education Saeed Namaki.

Iran Develops Nano Iron Supplements

An Iranian company has produced nano iron supplements which neither changes the colour of teeth, nor causes digestive problems for consumers.

Researchers Producing Human Pancreas inside Animal Body

Iranian researchers are trying to produce the human pancreas inside animals’ body first as part of a project to produce body organs.

Migraine Patients Can Receive Free Counselling Services in Iran

An Iranian pharmaceutical company has launched a telephone system to counsel migraine patients free of charge.

Menstrual Migraine Could Be Caused by Low Iron Levels

The migraine at the end of the menstrual period could be due to low iron levels in the body, research studies show.

Damask Rose: A Unique Plant with Exceptional Properties

The Damask rose is one of the plants that have numerous properties used in different industries.

Medicinal Herbs: An Effective Treatment for Migraine

Medicinal herbs are an effective alternative for chemical drugs to prevent and reduce the effects of migraine.

11 Countries Demanding to Buy IRDS Medication from Iran

Nearly a dozen countries are demanding to purchase medication for infantile respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS) from Iran, an Iranian official says.

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