Iranian minister rebuked for claims of massive reshuffle at schools

Iran’s education minister has announced 20,000 school principals have been replaced for the new academic year, which started Saturday, “to make changes” at schools.

The announcement by Reza Morad Sahraei drew an angry reaction by political activist and veteran journalist Mohammad Mohajeri, who labeled the move as “purification”, asking the minister to reveal those who pull the strings behind the large-scale reshuffle.

“The education minister proudly said that he has changed 20,000 school principals for the current academic year. Even 20,000 school desks and benches could not be changed so quickly,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

He added, “If the minister dares, he should say who gave him the orders for the purification. He definitely doesn’t dare. If he did, he wouldn’t be the “yes-man” minister of the Raisi administration.”

In a ceremony commemorating the Sacred Defense Week in Iran on Thursday, the education minister said that the appointments are part of a major plan that have already targeted over 7,000 schools “in the path of evolution,” without elaborating further.

Around 16.5 million students across Iran officially started the school year on Saturday.

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