Saturday, July 13, 2024

Iran Health Ministry: Tehran 19th most polluted capital in world

Tehran has been ranked ‘19th most polluted’ among the capitals in the world in terms of the concentration of suspended particles, responsible for nearly 14 percent of the deaths in the country, according to the Iranian Ministry of Health.

Submitting an annual report on the air pollution-related fatalities in Iran, Abbas Shahsavani, the head of the health ministry’s Air Quality and Climate Change Research Center, said based on the studies fine particulate matters with 2.5 microns or less in diameter, technically known as PM2.5, caused 13.9% of natural deaths in the country last year.

Shahsavani added, “The average concentration of suspended particles in our country is 7.6 times higher than the guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO) and over 3 times higher than the national standard of our country.”

He also said Iran is ranked 21st among 131 countries in the world in terms of air quality.

For the past several years, the air pollution index in major metropolises across Iran has been touching dangerously high levels with thick layers of smog enveloping the cities during the winter due to a phenomenon called ‘inversion’.

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