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Researcher: Water levels at Caspian Sea predicted to drop by 2100

Water levels at the Caspian Sea are projected to drop and its surface area to dwindle by the year 2100, surveys indicate.

Report: Caspian Sea hits lowest level in 30 years 

The water of the Caspian Sea has reportedly reached its lowest level in the last 30 years.

Ex-Iranian diplomat: No diplomatic way out of water standoff with Taliban

A former Iranian diplomat believes that the Taliban administration in Afghanistan will not back down in a dispute over Iran’s water share from the Helmand river with negotiations, suggesting that the Islamic Republic has to consider non-diplomatic ways.

Expert: All plans to revive Lake Urmia were waste of budget

Amid reports of “the demise of Lake Urmia”, a top Iranian geographer and climatologist says all previous efforts to save the lake in northwestern Iran were futile and wasted a huge amount of budget.

Wildfires in western Iran extinguished

Firefighters have managed to put out the flames that were raging in the forest near Marivan, in the western Iranian province of Kordestan.

Forest fires partly contained, but still raging in western Iran

Some 300 hectares of forests in the western Iranian town of Marivan are still engulfed by wildfires as helicopters keep flying over the area to douse the flames.

Neighboring countries blocking water inflows into Caspian Sea: Official

Iran’s environment chief says water levels at the Caspian Sea are going down as the inflow of water is blocked by neighboring countries.

First incinerator in northern Iran used to generate power

The first incineration plant in northern Iran has been up and running since 2020.

Iranian MP warns of danger from YV radiation in Tehran

An Iranian menber of parlianent warns that the situation of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in Tehran has become critical and has hit the grave milestone of 12.

Iran government organizations, schools to close for two days due to heat

The Iranian administration has declared two forthcoming days holidays due to unprecedented heat.

Meet the world’s hottest spot! It’s in Iran

Earth’s hottest spot is in the Lut Desert, or Dasht-e Lut, a large salt desert straddling the two Iranian provinces of Kerman and Sistan-and-Baluchestan.

Flooding hits town in drought-hit region in Iran

A town in Iran’s Sistan-and-Baluchestan Province has been hit with flooding, and dozens of villages have been cut off.

Wildfires extinguished in western Iranian forests

Local authorities say that a series of wildfires that had been burning in forests in Iran’s western Kurdistan Province have been successfully contained.

Dam, power plant inaugurated in Iran’s southwest

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has inaugurated Chamshir Dam and Power Plant in Iran’s southwestern Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

Winds of up to 112 kmh hit the southeastern Iranian city of Zabol

The southeastern Iranian city of Zabol has been hit by strong winds of up to 112 kilometers per hour since early on Monday.

Weather service declares Zabol, Iran’s hottest spot on earth

A weather forecast service has said Zabol in Iran’s southeast was the hottest place on earth over the past 24 hours.

Official: Gavkhoni Wetland in central Iran dried up 100%

An Iranian environmental official says Gavkhouni Wetland in the central province of Esfahan has dried up “100 percent,” citing satellite images, amid a lack of downpours and scorching temperatures in the hot season.

Satellite images show troubled Lake Urmia recovering gradually

With the inauguration of the first phase of a water transfer system from Kani Sib Reservoir Dam to Urmia Lake in West Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran, the situation of the body of water, severely hit by drought, has witnessed a boost.

Lightning sets fire to parts of Meighan desert wetland in central Iran

Parts of Meighan Wetland in Iran’s central deserts have been hit by fire following a crash of thunder in the area.

Lake Urmia’s water level increases, more tourists attracted

The water level of Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province has increased 17 centimeters.

Iranians join world people to mark Earth Hour 2023

Iranians mark Earth Hour 2023, an annual event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature asking people worldwide to “go dark” for an hour in support of efforts to save energy and raise awareness for environmental issues and climate change.

Iranian official denies impoundment of Chamshir Dam

The CEO of water utility in the Iranian province of Kohkiloyeh and Boyerahmad Province has denied a claim by a UN expert about the impounding of Iran’s Chamshir Dam in the province.

Iranian Army helicopters helping with relief operations in snow-hit areas

The Iranian Army’s helicopters are helping with relief operations in some regions in the country that have been hit by heavy snowfall.

Height of snow surpasses 2 meters in western Iranian county

The height of snow reached over two meters in Kouhrang County of Iran’s western Chaharmahal and Bakhtriari Province, cutting off routes connecting cities and villages in the region.

Red alert in western Iranian city as snow buries homes

Iranian officials have declared an emergency state in the western city of Kouhrang, Chaharmahah and Bakhtiari Province, as heavy downpours of snow bury houses there.

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