Iranian MP warns of crisis if Lake Urmia dies

An Iranian MP has warned that Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran is at its most critical point in 50 years.

Adel Najafzadeh, a member of the parliament’s Civil Commission, said a very large amount of the lake’s water has evaporated and the incoming water is not effective while the ecosystem of the lake has been disturbed in an unfavorable way.

Najafzadeh added that if water does not flow into the lake as soon as possible and if there is no rain, the lake will not be restored.

The lawmaker also said the remaining water in the lake is in its worst condition geologically as very heavy sediment-producing water has formed in it and a huge part of its surface has been eroded by water and wind.

He cautioned that if winds and air currents trigger regional storms within a radius of 600 kilometers, a salt crisis will affect most of the environmental areas of Western and Eastern Azarbaijan and neighboring provinces.

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