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The latest news and views about Lake Urmia

Iran Using Plants to Fight Dust Pollution in Lake Urmia

A working group tasked with reviving Iran’s Lake Urmia has started to grow two types of plants to save the region from salt particles.

Mud Therapy in Lake Urmia; A Mixture of Healing, Recreation

Lake Urmia in north-western Iran is widely known for its therapeutic properties, particularly those of its mud, which is attracting more and more tourists to the region.

Kazem Dashi; Huge Rocky Structure in Middle of Lake Urmia

Kazem Dashi is a large and historical rock mass in the northwest of Lake Urmia between Iran’s East and West Azarbaijan provinces.

Fresh Rainfall Revives Iran’s Moribund Lake Urmia

Increasing rainfall has breathed new life into Lake Urmia which has been on the brink of drying up.

Flamingos Return to Shrinking Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province annually plays host to about 10,000 flamingos. However, in the migration seasons this number doubles and more of this species return to their habitat.

Azerbaijan Newts Spotted in NW Iran for First Time

A number of Azerbaijan newts or Lake Urmia newts, a beautiful and rare type of salamander, have been observed and registered for the first time in Iran.

Two-Fifth of Drying Lake Urmia Filled with Water

The water level of the dying Lake Urmia in north-western Iran has elevated by four centimetres compared with the previous year, said Masoud Baqerzadeh Karimi , Deputy Head of Iran's Department of Environment.
Thousands of Flamingos Delay Migration from Lake Urmia

Thousands of Flamingos Delay Migration from Lake Urmia

Some 10,000 flamingos that migrated to Urmia Lake months ago have delayed flying off to their next destination due to favorable weather and environmental conditions around the lake, as well as adequate food supply.
Iran Lake Urmia

IRGC-Made Tunnel to Revive Iran’s Shrinking Lake Urmia

The Construction Base of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is working on a water transfer project to save the shrinking Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran.

Tourists Visiting Revived Lake Urmia in NW Iran

Thanks to the efforts made in the past few years, Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran is being gradually revived, bringing more tourists to a body of water that had shrunk to 10% of its former size.

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