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Lake Urmia

Miracle in the making: Lake Urmia reborn after years of drought

In a remarkable turn of events, Lake Urmia, once a symbol of environmental devastation, is now experiencing a miraculous revival. After years of suffering from crippling drought, the lake is bursting with newfound vitality, thanks to the abundant rains of last winter and this spring.

Urmia Lake water level further up

The water level in Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran has witnessed a significant surge after recent downpours, the head of the catchment areas said.

Water level in Lake Urmia has improved after recent rainfalls

With a 50 percent increase in rainfalls in the catchment area of the receding Lake Urmia in Iran’s northwest compared to last year and the release of the water rights from upstream dams, the lake is in better condition now.

Revival of lake Urmia welcomes tourists as water levels reach new highs

In a significant turn of events, Lake Urmia, a once-depleted natural wonder in Iran, is making a remarkable comeback, attracting tourists with its improved conditions. Recent measures implemented in the catchment area and satellite wetlands, coupled with favorable rainfall, have led to a substantial rise in the lake's water levels.

Lake Urmia witnesses significant water surge, but challenges persist

In a positive turn of events, the water input to Lake Urmia, in northwestern Iran, has tripled, with the lake's level reaching 1270.2 meters and its volume surpassing 1.4 billion cubic meters.

Iran releases water into shrinking Lake Urmia

The governor of the northwestern Iranian province of West Azarbaijan said on Tuesday that water has been released into receding Lake Urmia two months earlier than the previous years.

Iran dismisses reported extraction of lithium from shrinking Lake Urmia

An Iranian official has categorically rejected reports suggesting that Lake Urmia has been purposefully neglected to let the body of water dry up and allow for mining of much-coveted lithium.

Iranian environmental chief denies claim Lake Urmia on cusp of death

Head of Iranian Environment Protection Organization says Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, is not on the verge of dying.

Iranian MP warns of crisis if Lake Urmia dies

An Iranian MP has warned that Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran is at its most critical point in 50 years.

Expert: All plans to revive Lake Urmia were waste of budget

Amid reports of “the demise of Lake Urmia”, a top Iranian geographer and climatologist says all previous efforts to save the lake in northwestern Iran were futile and wasted a huge amount of budget.

Satellite images show troubled Lake Urmia recovering gradually

With the inauguration of the first phase of a water transfer system from Kani Sib Reservoir Dam to Urmia Lake in West Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran, the situation of the body of water, severely hit by drought, has witnessed a boost.

Beautiful sunset of Iran’s West Azerbaijan’s blue jewel on the horizon for boat riders

Lake Urmia, in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, has been waiting for its water level to rise for years, so that in the tumult of the waves, the blue jewel of Azerbaijan can present its sunset’s beauty to visitors.

Level of water in Lake Urmia up by 6 cm thanks to downpours: Official

The level of water in Lake Urmia in Iran’s northwestern province of West Azarbaijan has increased by more than 6 centimeters in the last 15 days thanks to downpours, a local official says.

Lake Urmia, one step away from drying up

The footsteps of the crisis began to be heard a long time ago. Lake Urmia is now on its last legs. The issue is no longer a matter of warning or risk.

Iranian official: Lake Urmia further shrinks

The CEO of Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province water utility says the water volume of Lake Urmia is 3.14 billion cubic meters, which is down over 2 billion cubic meters compared to the same time last year.

Iranian official: Lake Urmia’s water level drops

An Iranian official with energy ministry says, a new survey shows Lake Urmia’s water, in western Iran, has considerably dropped compared to last year.

Sharafkhaneh Port: A Unique Town in Northwestern Iran

The Sharafkhaneh port is one of the largest and oldest ports of Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran.

Environmentalists Rescue Flamingos Caught in Salt in Northwestern Iran

A group of Iranian environmentalists have rescued six flamingo chicks that were caught in the salt on the western shores of Lake Urmia.

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Flamingos over Qobadloo Port

The port of Qobadloo is located on the banks of Lake Urmia near Ajab Shir County, East Azarbaijan province, northwestern Iran.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Urmia Lake in Spring

The water level of Lake Urmia in West Azarbaijan province has started to rise, following the spring rainfalls and the release of the province’s dam waters.

Thousands of Farmers to Revive Iran’s Lake Urmia

7,000 farmers in four different villages of East Azarbaijan province have taken part in a project of revitalising Lake Urmia, where they are made familiar with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Agh-Gol Wetland Hosting Colourful Flamingos

Filled with water after the late spring downpours, Agh-Gol wetland on the border of Iran’s Hamadan and Markazi provinces is hosting flamingos that preferred this western Iranian habitat to Lake Urmia and Bakhtegan lake for incubation.

Persian Leopard Surprisingly Spotted in Middle of Lake Urmia

The presence of a Persian leopard on an island in Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran has surprised experts.

Lake Urmia Comes Back to Life with Latest Heavy Rains

The volume of water in Lake Urmia in the northwest of Iran has increased by over 3 billion cubic metres, increasing the Lake’s water lever by 42 centimetres.

Iran Using Plants to Fight Dust Pollution in Lake Urmia

A working group tasked with reviving Iran’s Lake Urmia has started to grow two types of plants to save the region from salt particles.

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