Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Revival of lake Urmia welcomes tourists as water levels reach new highs

In a significant turn of events, Lake Urmia, a once-depleted natural wonder in Iran, is making a remarkable comeback, attracting tourists with its improved conditions. Recent measures implemented in the catchment area and satellite wetlands, coupled with favorable rainfall, have led to a substantial rise in the lake's water levels.

As of March this year, the lake stands at an impressive 1270.2 meters, boasting a volume exceeding one billion and 400 million cubic meters.

The increased water levels signify a substantial improvement compared to previous years, with measurements indicating threefold growth in the volume of water entering the lake from main rivers when compared to last year.

The revitalization of Lake Urmia, in northwestern Iran, not only bodes well for the ecosystem but also offers a renewed and picturesque destination for tourists seeking the natural beauty of this historic region.

The Iran Front Page invites you to marvel at pictures of Lake Urmia captured by IRNA’s Ali Hamed Haghdoust:

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