Illicit market for wild birds in north Iran shuttered

The market for illegal trade in wild birds in the northern Iranian city of Fereydunkenar has been closed down after years of concern by environment lovers.

The market located in the city of Fereydunkenar in Mazandaran Province was shut as demanded by the public and in keeping with hunting regulations and environment protection laws.

“After relentless efforts by the provincial department of the environment and Fereydunkenar’s Environment Office, and in cooperation with the city officials …, and given the long-running demand by wildlife lovers and the general public, the illicit market where wild birds were traded was closed,” said the head of the provincial department of the environment.

“Environment agents are constantly monitoring the closed market, and any offense will be dealt with according to judicial laws,” the official explained.

Fereydunkenar is habitat to several species of migratory birds that spend winter there. This provides chances for the illegal hunting of the birds.

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