Saturday, January 28, 2023

Animals and Wildlife

Omid, single surviving West Siberian crane, no longer alone

Omid (Hope), the only remaining Siberian crane that keeps returning to Iran every winter, will no be longer alone, as officials transfer a mate from Belgium to the Fereydounkenar wetlands, Omid’s favorite residence for the cold season in northern Iran.

Panther sighted in Damavand area of Iran

The environment department in Damavand County, north of the Iranian capital Tehran, has confirmed the rare sighting of a panther in the area.

Chetah family spotted in Iran’s Semnan Province

A large Asiatic cheetah family has been spotted in Iran's Semnan Province. According to the director general of Semnan Province's environment protection department, a female cheetah and three of her cubs were seen near Abbasabad.

Watch popular cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep in good health

A new video emerges of highly popular Iranian cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep at night, soothing fresh concerns over the eight-month-old’s health conditions.

White Bridge, in southern Iran hosting migrant birds

Each year, with the beginning of the cold season, more than a million birds migrate to the rivers, wetlands and ponds of Iran’s Khuzestan Province from all over the world to spend the winter there.

Watch Persian leopard cub playing with mom in Iran’s northern heights

A Persian leopard cub has been caught on camera playing with his mom in the mountains of Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Three Asiatic cheetahs spotted in Iran’s Touran protected reserve

An Iranian environmental official says three Asiatic cheetahs have been spotted in the Khar Touran National Park in the north-central province of Semnan.

Official: Leopard returned to natural habitat in Tehran Province

The director general of Tehran's environmental protection organization says after some 3 weeks of monitoring the eastern edge of the Iranian capital, a leopard sought by authorities left the place in question and returned to its natural habitat in the region.

Iranian court sentences 3 to feeding popular cheetah Pirouz for three months

A court in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province has sentenced defendants in a legal case to preparation of food for the country’s highly popular Asiatic cheetah, Pirouz, for three months.

Iran’s popular cheetah Pirouz turns 8 months old: New pics

New photos have been released of the popular Iranian Asiatic cheetah Pirouz, who has just turned eight months old.

New picture of Iranian cheetah cub goes viral

A picture of Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz shows he has grown well and seems to be healthy.

Two leopards spotted in protected area in Iran’s Zanjan Province

Environment guards have spotted two leopards in a protected area in the Iranian province of Zanjan.

Persian leopard spotted at protected area in western Iran for 1st time in over 2 years

A Persian leopard, a rare and endangered species, has been spotted for the first time in over two years at a protected reserve in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah.

Two cheetah cubs born in Iran’s Turan National Park

In a rare phenomenon, two cheetah cubs were born at Iran’s Khar Turan National Park in the second half of autumn, while cheetahs in the protected reserve normally give birth in early spring, an environmental official says.

Leopard spotted near Tehran’s Sorkheh Hesar National Park

A leopard has been spotted several times in the barracks adjacent to Tehran's Sorkheh Hesar National Park, east of the Iranian capital.

New footage showing Iranian cheetah cub in good shape

A video of Iranian Asiatic cheetah cub Pirouz shows he has grown well and seems to be healthy and agile.

Single surviving West Siberian crane, Omid, migrates back to Iran for winter

The single surviving West Siberian crane, Omid (Hope), flies thousands of kilometers back to Iran for the 15th consecutive year to spend the winter in Fereydoonkenar in the Iranian northern province of Mazandaran.

Video: Iranian Asiatic cheetah Pirooz alive and kicking

A new video footage of Asiatic cheetah cub Pirooz, who was born in captivity over five months ago in the Iranian capital Tehran, was released on Monday, following rumors that the cub had been kidnapped.

Persian cheetah cub born in captivity doing well, turns 4 months old

After the death of two of the three Asiatic cheetah cubs born in captivity in Iran, the third sibling, named Pirooz or victor, is now four months old, living in the capital Tehran’s Pardisan wildlife park.

Rare Persian leopard spotted in Iran’s Jiroft

A scarce Persian leopard on the UN’s endangered species list has been caught on camera in a protected area in southeastern Iranian city of Jiroft, an official has confirmed.

Iranian wildlife guard shot dead in court in tit-for-tat shooting

An Iranian wildlife guard has been shot and killed in a court in western Iran where he was standing trial for killing an illegal hunter two years ago.

Rare Asiatic Cheetah killed in road accident in Iran

An Asiatic cheetah has died in Iran after being hit by a passing car on the Tehran-Mashhad road.

Surviving Persian cheetah cub turns 77 days old

After the death of two of the three Asiatic cheetah cubs born in captivity in Iran, the third sibling is almost out of the woods and is 77 days old now.

Heated debate erupts in Iran on how to address increasing street dogs

The recent tragic deaths of two children in separate attacks by stray dogs in the Iranian city of Qom has triggered calls among the public as well as in the Iranian Parliament and City Councils for legislation on tackling the dangers of free-ranging urban dogs.

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