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Animals and Wildlife

Omid, migratory Siberian crane, hasn’t returned to Iran

The only survivor of a flock of Siberian cranes, named Omid or hope in Persian, has not returned to Iran this year to its winter refuge, the head of Iran's Environment Protection Organization says.

Mazandaran’s red river turns into haven with migratory swans

The enchanting "Red River" in Mazandaran province in northern Iran becomes a haven for migratory swans each year during the cold seasons.

Leopard spotted wandering in Hyrcanian forest in northern Iran

Park rangers have recorded thrilling pictures of a last remnant of the endangered Persian leopards in a forest in the northern Iranian province of Gilan.

Leopard’s majestic return: Wildlife wonders in Gilan’s Amlash, northern Iran

The director general of the department of environment protection in Gilan province,  announced the recent capture of captivating images of a leopard in the lush forests of Amlash in the northern Iranian province.

Release ceremony for 10 Iranian Yellow Deer in Dez natl. park

In a collaborative effort between the Khuzestan Department of Environment, local grassroots organizations, and community members, a ceremony was held in the Dez National Park to set free 10 Iranian Yellow Deer.

Iran-based African lion cub turns 1

Sana, an African lion cub born in December 2022, turns 1. Sana is held at the Shahid Chamran Zoo of the Iranian city of Karaj, near Tehran.

Illicit market for wild birds in north Iran shuttered

The market for illegal trade in wild birds in the northern Iranian city of Fereydunkenar has been closed down after years of concern by environment lovers.

Iran-based Asiatic cheetah cubs doing well one year after birth

"Azar" and "Tooran" are among the five cheetahs kept at a breeding site in Tooran National Park in Shahrood, in the north central Iranian province of Semnan.

Leopard spotted in north central Iran

A rare Iranian leopard has been spotted hunting in Semnan Province, in north central Iran.

Extraordinary Mazandaran: where history, nature unite!

Nestled in the heart of Iran, Mazandaran province stands as a testament to history and natural beauty. With its rich heritage and stunning landscapes, this region continues to captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Whale caught on camera off Iran’s Kish island, Persian Gulf

On a rare occasion, a whale has been spotted and filmed getting close to the shores of the southern Iranian island of Kish, in the Persian Gulf, perhaps foraging for food.

Photographer captures striking image of Iranian leopard in Gilan’s forests, northern Iran

In a remarkable achievement, a skilled photographer has captured a mesmerizing image of a male Iranian leopard in the lofty forest heights of Gilan, northern Iran.

Iran’s Azini Wetland, a winter abode for endangered birds

The Azini Wetland in the southeast of the Hormuz Strait is one of the most amazing tropical wetlands in Iran.

Black bear spotted in Kahnouj، southern Iran

An Asian black bear has been spotted in the heights of Kahnouj, in the southeastern Iranian province of Kerman, the local Environmental Protection Department announced.

Tehran Wildlife Clinic treating stray animals

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic at Pardisan Park located in the northwest of the Iranian capital, Tehran, admits lost animals which have been strayed from their natural habitats due to unfavorable geographical conditions or smuggling.

Mother cheetah, 2 cubs spotted in Iran’s Touran

An environmentalist said a mother cheetah with her two cubs were spotted in Khar Touran National Park in the central Iranian province of Semnan.

Removal of fishing ban in northern Iranian village, long-time tradition

Balabisheh Sar village is in Babol’s central district and the Feyzieh County in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

A flamboyance of flamingos in Lake Urmia, northwestern Iran

It’s that time of the year again when flamingos flock to wetlands in northwestern Iran. Lake Urmia and its adjacent wetlands are a hospitable environment for large flocks of the flamingos.

Mother cheetah looking for cub killed in Iran car accident

Heart-breaking footage shows a mother cheetah looking for her cub, which was killed in a car accident days earlier in northeastern Iran.

Mohitban, Iran’s first-ever natural park near capital Tehran

The Iranian city of Karaj in Alborz Province, near Tehran, is home to Mohitban Park, the country’s first-ever natural park where animals live freely.

Persian leopard family spotted in Iran’s northern mountainous regions

A family of four Persian leopards, a rare and endangered species, has been caught on camera in the mountainous regions of Iran’s northern Mazandaran Province.

Iranians free birds seized from smugglers in nature to mark Migratory Bird Day 

Marking the World Migratory Bird Day, Iranian environmental officials and nature lovers join a ceremony to free birds confiscated from smugglers at the Lar National Park on the hillside of Mount Damavand in the northern province of Mazandaran.

Video shows two Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran in good health

A video clip has emerged showing two Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran, named Azar and Touran, wrestling playfully and fidgeting around in good health.

Spectacular pear trees in Iran’s Gilan Province

As the spring season decorates the nature, pear trees in gardens give a spectacular look to Iran’s northern province of Gilan.

Iran spotted 18 Asiatic cheetah cubs in past year: Official

An official with Iran’s Environment Organization says 18 Asiatic cheetahs were registered in the country in the past year.

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