Dust storm, strong winds disrupt Tehran

Tehran residents faced challenging conditions as a substantial dust storm swept into the Iranian capital, bringing with it a dense cloud of dust and soil particles.

The sudden weather phenomenon significantly reduced visibility and prompted health advisories cautioning against outdoor activities.

In a separate incident, the force of the intense winds led to a large tree collapsing on Keshavarz Boulevard in downtown Tehran.

The fallen tree obstructed traffic lanes, requiring swift intervention from local authorities to clear the roadway and ensure public safety.

Meanwhile, due to the severity of the storm, motorists encountered hazardous conditions on the expressway linking Tehran to Qom, south of the capital.

The turbulent weather not only disrupted traffic flow but also raised concerns about road safety amidst reduced visibility and gusty winds.

These incidents follow a recent bout of severe weather in Hormozgan Province and specifically in Bandar Abbas along the Persian Gulf, where a similar storm caused widespread disruption.

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