Watch popular cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep in good health

A new video emerges of highly popular Iranian cheetah cub Pirouz preparing to sleep at night, soothing fresh concerns over the eight-month-old’s health conditions.

In the footage, Pirouz is seen preparing to take a rest near his nurse, Alireza Shahrdari.

Days earlier, a photo showed the cheetah cub wearing a pet cone, sparking concerns about his health.

Health officials, however, assured the public that Pirouz was in good health and the Elizabethan collar was meant to prevent the cub from licking a wound on his body and the areas on which drugs had been applied.

Pirouz was born in captivity in the Touran protected reserve in central Iranian province of Semnan in April 2022, raising hope among environmentalists and nature lovers that the birth could contribute to efforts toward enabling the endangered species to live on.

Pirouz is now living in captivity in Pardisan Park of the capital, Tehran.


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