Cutting-edge glass greenhouse, pioneering agricultural innovation opened in Iran’s Zanjan

In a momentous ceremony graced by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the unveiling of Zanjan's latest marvel took place on this Saturday evening.

The inauguration marked the grand opening of the region’s second modern glass greenhouse, nestled in the northwest of the country and positioned as the largest greenhouse town within Zanjan province, situated specifically in the city of Hidaj.

This state-of-the-art greenhouse stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation, boasting the latest global technologies. Encompassing a sprawling 60-hectare land expanse, with 30 hectares dedicated to cultivated areas, this greenhouse is a hub for the cultivation of diverse agricultural products.

Its advanced infrastructure promises a versatile production range, catering to a spectrum of agricultural needs.

With its remarkable capabilities and extensive cultivation space, this greenhouse heralds a new era for agricultural advancement in the region, promising to meet the demands of a burgeoning industry and contribute substantially to local agricultural prosperity.

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