Friday, May 24, 2024

Iran produces unique pollinating module for drones

A group of researchers from the Tehran-based Sharif University of Technology have designed pollinating module that can be installed on all types of Iranian and foreign drones for use in gardens in a completely smart manner.

Amin Talaeezadeh, CEO of Sharif Agricultural Robotics Company (Sharif Agrobot), said the aerial pollination module has been manufactured for the first time in the country, and it works in the form of powder spraying.

According to Talaeezadeh, the module has been tested on two drones: DJI T16 and Sharif Agrobot S20, and a key feature of the device is that it can work completely independently without connection to any wire and with its own battery and sensors.

To use it, simply remove the tank of your sprayer drone and install the pollinator module instead, he said.

Currently, the technology used to make the UAV is only owned by the United States and Iran but the Iranian company’s module is better equipped and smarter than the US one, the official added.

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