Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iranian inventor awarded in Geneva inventions exhibition

An Iranian inventor has won a bronze medal in the 2024 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

Hamzeh Najafi Mehr presented virtual reality smart glasses and a platform that provides new tools and solutions for personal brand development.

By using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the unique platform can analyze data and recognize conditions and create a unique experience for each user to improve their performance in work and professional, social and even emotional life.

The smart platform can also help people directly interact with artificial intelligence on their mobile phones and have a unique experience of having a coach and guide in different situations and in virtual environments.

Furthermore, the glasses and platform can provide facilities for users to attend lectures in virtual reality, group meetings and classes, personalize exercises in personal development, interact with artificial intelligence in areas related to people and businesses.

Najafi Mehr won a silver medal from the Inventions Exhibition in South Korea last year.

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