Saturday, May 25, 2024

Iranian engineer makes oil, gas pipeline leak detector, shatters US, British monopoly

An Iranian engineer has managed to manufacture a device that can detect and seal leakages in oil and gas pipelines in a new move to puncture the US-led sanctions imposed on Iran.

Mechanical engineer Mahmoud Kavousi, in an interview with Fars news agency on Sunday said that the hydrostatic test device, which tests pressure vessels for strength and leaks, is designed and produced to be used in power plants and for oil and gas pipelines and even water industries to cushion the effects of the decades-old embargoes.

Highlighting the achievement, he said leakage test is very important in oil and gas pipelines as even the smallest leaks can lead to heavy financial losses and fatalities.

Kavousi noted the previous method to detect and seal leakages was time-consuming and expensive.

“This device can be exported. There are no companies in West Asia, or even Iran, that designs and manufactures this device,” he said and added, “Presently, only the US and Britain have made a product similar to this one which we can confidently say has flaws and our device is more complete.”

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