Treatment of cancer patients using novel nuclear techniques 

For the first time in Iran, patients with advanced cancer resistant to treatment have been treated in Bushehr Nuclear Medicine Center using AlphaZa radiopharmaceutical, which is a new targeted radionuclide treatment technique.

That’s according to Professor Majid Asadi, head of the Persian Gulf Nuclear Medicine Research Center of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, south of Iran.

This is the most advanced medical technology as it at once does treatment and diagnosis (Theranostics) for patients.

The technical know-how and implementation of this treatment technique were all realized by Iranian scientists. Having made this achievement, Professor Asadi noted, Iran has joined the group of countries capable of opening another chapter in cancer treatment and that’s made through using new technologies and novel radiopharmaceuticals.

According to Professor Asadi, so far, 6 patients with advanced cancer and resistant to usual treatments have been treated using the technique.

Until now, cancer has been treated in Iran with beta-emitting elements, but as of today, this will be done with alpha-emitting elements, and prostate cancer patients are the first to receive this type of treatment.

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