Thursday, April 18, 2024

Iranian scientist wins American Physical Society’s award

An Iranian graduate of Tehran's Sharif University of Technology has won the annual award of the America Physical Society (APS) for the year 2024.

Dr. Azadeh Keyvani won the award in the applied and industrial physics section and for her success in developing techniques of using AI in fields ranging from Education to research on cancer.

The award is reserved for physicists who do extra-academic work activities.

According to Ms. Azadeh Keyvani, among her extra-activities that helped her succeed in receiving this award are the creation and management of an educational institution whose main goal is to empower students by focusing on the underprivileged in the fields of science and technology.

In addition to educational activities, she is also active in the field of data science and artificial intelligence, focusing on health and medicine.

Sharif University said Keivani is also trying to create fields for early diagnosis of various diseases, including cancer and heart diseases, by producing different models of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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