Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Iran successfully launches bio-capsule as part of plans to send man into space

Iran has successfully sent into space its latest bio-capsule on a home-grown launcher in line with plans to revive different sectors of the country’s space industry and stabilize the knowhow acquired in the bio-space domain.

The bio-capsule is a scientific, research and technological device sent into an altitude of 130 kilometers above the earth’s surface in keeping with a road map to send man into space aimed at developing and acquiring the required technologies.

The 500-kilogram capsule was manufactured by the Aerospace Research Center of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology ordered by the Iranian Space Agency.

The launcher on which the bio-capsule was sent into space is called Salman, which is the first of this class of launchers and capable of launching bio-capsules as heavy as half a tonne.

The launcher enjoys numerous high-tech features and has been domestically developed.

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