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Iran sends 3 satellites into orbit simultaneously

Iran has launched three home-made satellites into orbit as the country moves full steam ahead with its space program.

Iran says E3 stance on satellite launching interventionist

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has slammed as interventionist a reaction by three European states regarding the launching of home-made research satellite “Soraya” by Iran.

Iran successfully launches bio-capsule as part of plans to send man into space

Iran has successfully sent into space its latest bio-capsule on a home-grown launcher in line with plans to revive different sectors of the country’s space industry and stabilize the knowhow acquired in the bio-space domain.

Iran pursuing programs to develop satellite industry

Iran is on course to further developing its space industry and satellite technology.

IRGC aerospace force unveils Noor 3 satellite advancements, future space endeavors

Ali Jafarabadi, Space Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, revealed significant details about the successful launch of the Noor 3 satellite.

Iran successfully launches Nour 3 satellite into orbit

Iran successfully launched the Nour 3 satellite into orbit on Wednesday morning in its latest show of force, the minister of information and communications technology made the announcement.

Iran to launch 2 or 3 satellites by March 2024: Defense chief

Iranian Minister of Defense Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani has announced that the country plans to launch two or three satellites by the end of the current Iranian calendar year, which begins on March 21, 2024.

Iran plans two new satellites launches in months to come: Defense chief

The Iranian defense chief announces plans to launch two more satellites into orbit in the months to come, as the country keeps up efforts to promote its space industry.

Defense minister urges nonstop development of Iran’s missile, space programs

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammadreza Ashtiani says missile and space programs at the Iranian Defense Ministry must proceed nonstop.

Iranian military chief: Iran’s space program moving forward at high speed

The chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff says launching and putting numerous satellites into orbit is another achievement of the Iranian armed forces over the past year.

Iran to launch new satellite into orbit soon

Iran is ready to launch another satellite, dubbed Zafar 2, into orbit thanks to efforts by researchers at Iran’s University of Science and Technology that was the impetus behind construction of the satellite, the head of the university said.

Iran to launch new satellite in near future

The head of Iran’s Crisis Control Organization says the country will launch its satellite dubbed “Ayat” (meaning “signs”) in the near future.

Iran says to test launch new satellite carrier in two weeks

Iran’s minister of information and communications technology says the country is, in two weeks, set to test launch a new carrier rocket capable of placing satellites weighing 100 kilograms into orbit.

President Raisi: Iran airspace industry to gather steam

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has hailed the launch of Iran-made Khayyam satellite into orbit as a major achievement in the country’s airspace section, saying his administration is planning on pushing the industry forward with more investment.

Iran says to build new versions of Khayyam satellite, fresh launching ahead

Iran’s minister of information and communications technology says the Islamic Republic will make new versions of the newly-launched Khayyam satellite in a joint collaboration with Russia.

Iran receives first telemetry data from newly-launched Khayyam satellite

Iran has received the first telemetry data sent from the Khayyam satellite, hours after the remote-sensing Iranian-made satellite was launched by a Russian rocket from a station operated by Moscow in Kazakhstan.

Why Khayyam satellite was launched

Questions revolve around Iran’s move to launch Khayyam satellite into orbit in a joint collaboration with Russia.

Iran’s Khayyam satellite launched

Iran’s Khayyam satellite was sent into orbit early on Tuesday from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan by Russian Soyuz satellite carrier.

Iran’s Khayyam satellite ready for launch

Iran’s Khayyam satellite will be sent into orbit next week from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan by Russian Soyuz satellite carrier, a giant leap in the Islamic Republic’s space industry applications.

Iran says has 3 remote-sensing satellites in line to be launched

The head of Iran’s space agency elaborates on the country’s “comprehensive plans” to promote its space industry, as part of which, he says, Tehran has three remote-sensing satellites in line to be launched.

Senior IRGC commander: Iran advancing fast in aerospace industries

The commander of the aerospace division of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the space sector is extremely significant and a key ground for progress in other fields, stressing that Iran is now advancing quickly in the field of aerospace industries.

Iran launches 3 research ‘shipments’ into space

Iran has launched three research consignments into space on a domestically-made satellite carrier.

Iran Announces Deal with Russia on Exploitation of Outer Space

Iran has announced an agreement it has reached with Russia on the exploitation of outer space for peaceful purposes.

NASA Invites Iran to Join Online Observation of Moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has once again invited Iran to observe the moon online.

Iran Says Planning to Launch 5 New Satellites by March 2021

Iran’s minister of communication and information technology has unveiled plans for the launch of five new homegrown satellites by the end of the current Iranian year.

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