Saturday, March 2, 2024

President Raisi: Iran airspace industry to gather steam

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has hailed the launch of Iran-made Khayyam satellite into orbit as a major achievement in the country’s airspace section, saying his administration is planning on pushing the industry forward with more investment.

President Raisi told a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, “In the future, we will witness the unveiling of new achievements in aerospace science, which will greatly help the environment, mineral exploration, natural disaster management, and border monitoring.”

He said the successful launch of the satellite into orbit, receiving signals, and controlling as well as managing the data by Iranian experts is a source of honor and power, and appreciated the experts at the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) for the breakthrough.

The remarks came a day after Khayyam satellite was launched from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan by the Russian Soyuz satellite carrier to send back high-precision data.

The satellite is tipped to help in improving productivity in agriculture, accurate monitoring of Iran’s water resources, managing natural disasters, monitoring changes in use of land, unauthorized constructions, and deforestation among others.

The Iranian president said his administration intends to make up for the lagging in the field.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Issa Zarepour told reporters earlier on Wednesday that plans are underway to launch a joint production line between Iran and Russia to build three updates of the remote sensing satellite with pinpoint accuracy.

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