Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Defense minister urges nonstop development of Iran’s missile, space programs

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammadreza Ashtiani says missile and space programs at the Iranian Defense Ministry must proceed nonstop.

At a meeting with the director, deputy directors, and other officials from the Aerospace Industries Organization of the Defense Ministry on Thursday, General Ashtiani said plans envisioned for the current Iranian calendar year marked a “giant step” by the Aerospace Industries Organization and indicated the organization’s move toward “more favorable circumstances and a more brilliant future.”

He said homegrown management patterns at the Defense Ministry were applicable to other issues in the country.

The defense minister said the needs of military and civil sectors had to be met with “higher speed, precision, and reliability.”

Brigadier General Ashtiani said the Islamic Republic of Iran faced diverse threats and called the existence of various missile defense systems one of the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense doctrine.

He stressed that the technologies used in the defense systems had to be kept up-to-date and that the necessary training had to be constantly given in the areas of operation, logistics, and maintenance.

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