Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iranian president urges support for knowledge-based companies

In a gathering focused on steering technological advancements and fostering knowledge-based productions, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi praised the efforts in implementing laws supporting such endeavors.

Highlighting the qualitative enhancement of over 10,000 active knowledge-based companies, President Raisi stressed the importance of both qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion.

Raisi underscored that investing in knowledge-based activities isn’t merely expenditure but rather a forward-thinking, beneficial investment, paving the way for employment and technological progress.

Raisi outlined a comprehensive roadmap covering diverse sectors, from microelectronics and biotechnology to artificial intelligence, urging his cabinet to collaborate extensively with knowledge-based companies.

Furthermore, the president prioritized the systematic engagement of major industries with knowledge-based entities.

Encouraging commercialization and exportation of knowledge-based products, Raisi urged all relevant government bodies to contribute to enhancing the production chain, fostering employment, and national wealth creation.

Lastly, he stressed the imperative of safeguarding the stability of laws supporting the surge of knowledge-based productions, acknowledging efforts to organize advancement-oriented events that invigorate the nation’s youth.

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