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Stem Cells Used to Make Skin Young Again

An Iranian company has devised a method whereby stem cells are used for skin rejuvenation and repairing damaged skin.

‘90% of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries in Iran Successful’

Minimally invasive spine surgeries are conducted with 90% success in Iran thanks to the development of a new method.

Researchers Use Nanotechnology to Treat Nervous System Diseases

A group of Iranian researchers has designed a nanotechnology-based system that can prevent the development or progression of the nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Sanctions Hampering Medicine Trade despite US Claims: Iran

Iran’s health minister says Iranian medicine companies have failed to have any financial transaction with other countries in the past month, since the US re-imposed its harshest sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

‘Birth of Infants with Down Syndrome Almost Stopped in Iran’

Director of the Iranian Genetics Society says the birth of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome has almost stopped across the country.

Over 8,000 Rapid HIV Testing Centres Active in Iran

Iran’s health ministry says the country has managed to quadruple the number of its HIV rapid testing centres from 2,000 in 2017 to 8,200 in 2018.

Iran’s Red Crescent Opens Company in Switzerland for Medicine Imports

The Iranian Red Crescent Society says it has established a company in Switzerland to transfer pharmaceuticals to Iran more easily in the wake of the US sanctions.

How to Make Life More Tolerable after Skin Burn

Skin burns usually leave scars that seem annoying, but are part of the process of recovering from any burn, cut and inflation on our body. The form and duration of scar treatment period hinge on their type, depth, size and location. Other important elements are age, gene, gender and race.

Best Home Remedies for Skin Burn Treatment

When suffering from skin burns, you may be flooded with plenty of prescriptions by the people around you to treat the burns, some of which seem interesting. But can we trust them?

Iran Bans Advertisement of Harmful Products

Iran has banned running advertisements for three dozen products, including Olivier salad, carbonated beverages, potato chips, and all types of frying oil and cream cheeses that are considered to be harmful according to the health ministry.

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