Friday, June 21, 2024

Iranian govt. approves free infertility insurance, abortion medication no longer available

The Iranian Health Ministry has announced that abortion has been criminalized in the country.

A spokesperson for the ministry added that various measures have been put in place in order to reduce abortion rates, including the launching of the national safe fertility system.
The system is meant to protect healthy fetuses.

The spokesperson for the Health Ministry added that some specific guidelines have also been announced regarding the distribution of abortion medicines, which have been removed from the market.

According to this report, infertility treatment centers are to set up in universities of medical sciences which are tasked with caring for the health of pregnant mothers.

All these centers will provide free infertility insurance coverage for people.

Scientists say low population growth rate has potential to lead shortage of workforce and further economic woes.

The decreasing rates of fertility coupled with high life expectancy are leading to an aging population in Iran, which could potentially lead to grave economic crises in the country in the next decades.

Figures show that nearly 11% of Iranians — about 5.3 million out of the current total population of 84 million — are now over 60 years old.

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