Thursday, May 30, 2024

Iran Covid: 36 deaths, fatalities and cases blamed on ignoring health protocols

A member of the scientific committee of the Iranian taskforce to fight Covid says figures show that the number of Coronavirus cases are rising in the country blaming it on ignoring health protocols.

Minou Mohraz added that the number of deaths and hospitalizations are also on the rise.
She added that the new sub-variant of the Omicron strain of Covid attacks lungs more than others.

Mohraz blamed most recent cases of the virus as well as the hospitalizations and deaths on people’s indifference to social distancing and their failure to wear masks.

Iranian Health Ministry’s Friday figures show 36 people died of the Coronavirus with 1064 new cases registered over the past 24 hours.

Covid has killed more than 145 thousand people in Iran since the global pandemic began in 2019.

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