Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Official: Huge numbers of Iranian nurses migrating to foreign countries 

Iranian nurses are migrating to the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Europe. That’s according to the head of Iran’s Nurse House, Mohammad Sharifi Moghaddam.

Speaking during an interview with Entekhab online news outlet, Sharifi Moghaddam said the monthly salary of a nurse in Germany is 1800 euros but in Iran nurses are paid 120 thousand tomans, slightly more than 2 dollars, per day for the healthcare services they provide.

He noted that this has annoyed the Iranian nurses. Sharifi Moghaddam said, add to this the huge income inequality between physicians and nurses.

He singled out Saudi Arabia as an example, saying a doctor with specialty in Saudi Arabia is paid 15 thousand rials while a nurse receives 10 thousand rials per month, but the inequality between them in Iran is 100-fold.

The head of Iran’s Nurse House said another reason for the migration of nruses is that they think the foreign countries to which they emigrate are attractive.

Sharifi Moghaddam added that Oman has always been an important destination for migrating nurses.

He noted that the Omanis do not pay huge salaries to nurses, but they are fair. Sharifi Moghaddam predicted that Iranian nurses will also move to Kuwait and the UAE in large numbers.

The Iranian Health Ministry has yet to comment on this report.

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