Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iranians Latch onto Homemade Bread under Self-Quarantine

As the Iranian people have self-isolated amid the outbreak of coronavirus and have become obsessed by the health tips in the purchase of groceries, many families have decided to bake homemade bread to avoid getting out and buying from the bakeries.

Bread is known as a staple food for the Iranian families. In the not too far past, baking homemade bread was a common practice in nearly all Iranian houses, carried out by women. The older generation and today’s grandmothers have still memories of making bread at home.

The new generation has no experience of the mouth-watering aroma coming from the clay ovens when home-made bread was being baked, and has not tasted the smaller breads made exclusively for the children either.

Baking bread at home has resurfaced these days in Iran in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Home-baked bread significantly reduces the risk of infection with coronavirus and also allows the household members to spend more time together and have an enjoyable experience in self-quarantine.

The following photos show a grandmother baking bread with her grandchildren in Saman, a small city in Iran’s western province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari:

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