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Isfahani Whey Meatball: A Yummy Iranian Food

The Iranian cuisine accommodates different types of meatballs, including the Qelqeli meatball and the Tabrizi meatball. One of the other most popular types of meatball is the one made with rice and whey in Isfahan.


Ground meat: 500gr
Rice: Half a cupful (rinsed)
Herbs including coriander, chives, parsley and dill: 7 spoonfuls
Whey: 500gr
Onions: 4 average-size onions
Small potatoes: 2 potatoes
Dried mint: 2 spoonfuls
Chicken breast: one breast (ground)
Liquid oil: As much as necessary

Ingredients to be Inserted inside Meatballs:

Prunes: As many as the meatballs
Fried onions: As much as necessary
Walnut and raspberry: As much as needed
Eggs: 2
Dried mint: 2 spoonfuls
Turmeric: one and a half spoonfuls
Salt: One and a half teaspoonfuls
Red pepper: ¾ of a teaspoonful
Black pepper: ¾ of a teaspoonful

Isfahani Whey Meatball A Yummy Iranian Food 1


First, sauté some of the onions. Then grate one of them and remove the onion juice well. Mix the grated onion with the ground meat and chicken and knead it well.

Afterwards, add chopped herbs and eggs plus salt, pepper and turmeric to the mixture and knead it well. It is very important to knead the meatball meat because this will keep meatballs from falling apart. You must keep kneading the meat to a point when the mixture does not fall apart if you hold it with one hand. Now, the meat is ready. Add rice in the middle of kneading the meat, so that the rice will not be mashed up.

Take an amount, as big as a tangerine, of the mixture and insert some raspberries, walnut, one prune and sautéd onion inside it. Roll it into a meatball. Then press it a little bit to push out bubbles of air. Leave the meatballs in the fridge for two hours.

Grate the remaining onions and remove their juice. Then Sauté them. Meanwhile, grate the potatoes and remove their juice. When the onions turn gold, add dried mint. After mint is sautéd, add the potatoes and wait until the mixture begins to boil. Then add the meatballs one by one. The meatballs will not fall apart when they are completely cold and the sauce is completely hot.

Leave the dish on low heat for 30 minutes without the lid on, and for another 20 minutes with the lid on. Then add as much whey as you desire. Take care whey does not boil for more than 15 minutes. Garnish the meatballs with sautéd onions and walnut.

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