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Persian Haleem: A Yummy, Nutritious Meal for Fast-Breaking

Haleem, a stew-like Middle Eastern dish, is a traditional and very nutritious meal.

Iranians usually have it for breakfast (See the link) in the morning, or at fast-breaking time at sunset during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It does not take very special skills to cook Haleem, but it needs a lot of patience.

Ingredients For Persian Haleem

Turkey or chicken: 500gr

Wheat without bran: 500gr

Onions: One average-sized onion

Salt: a pinch

Oil: As much as necessary, or 100 grammes of butter

Cinnamon powder: 3 spoonfuls

Ingredients For Persian Haleem (Halim)
Persian Haleem is different from the Haleems served in the Arabic countries.

How To Make Persian Haleem Recipe

Cook the turkey (chicken) meat and onion well. Then mash the meat before shredding it or mixing it in a food processor.

Put the wheat, which has already remained in water for eight hours, in a small cauldron, add some water and salt, and leave it on the flame to cook. After the wheat is cooked, mash it well, or mix the wheat with the water inside the cauldron using a food processor.

Afterwards, mix the turkey meat and mashed wheat with two glasses of boiled water and put the meal on low heat until it is cooked through.

You should keep stirring the Haleem or it will get burned and stuck to the bottom of the cauldron.

When ready, garnish the Haleem with cinnamon, sugar and oil or melted butter.

How to make persian haleem recipe

Supplementary tips on  Persian Haleem:

  1. To make the delicious food, you’d better use whole wheat since it has anti-parasitic effects and works against neurological complications.
  2. When buying wheat, make sure it is of the high-quality white type, because it will make the Haleem have a lighter color and a better texture.
  3. You should not dice the onions because it takes some time for the meat to be well cooked. If diced, the onions stick to the meat and destroy the final taste of the food.
  4. To decrease the amount of time needed for cooking, you’d better use wheat groats instead of peeled wheat.
  5. Do not use Teflon pots. Copper or zinc pots are better options.
  6. Add two times more meat than wheat so that the outcome will be more delicious and thicker. Make sure to dispose of the water in which you soaked the wheat, since it will give a sour taste to the food.

Supplementary tips - Persian Halim (Haleem)

Frequently asked questions:

– What kind of meat should be used to make Persian Haleem?

In order to have a tasty Haleem, you’d better use the meat from sheep neck, brisket and ribs. The more meat used, the better taste the Haleem will have and the stretchier it becomes.

– What is the secret to making the Haleem stretchy?

The most important point is the type of meat used in the food. The meat from sheep ribs gives stretchy effects to the Haleem. The meat should also not be chopped prior to cooking. When the cooking process is over, cut the meat in pieces instead of grinding it. Do not also use a food processor device.

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