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Jubeir’s Replacement Could Adopt Softer Line on Tehran: Iranian Ex-Diplomat

A former Iranian diplomat says new Saudi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf may adopt a softer line vis-à-vis Iran.

‘Iran Must Stop Fulfilling Commitments under Nuclear Deal’

A conservative theoretician has called on the government to stop living up to its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal, saying Tehran does not need outright withdrawal from the 2015 agreement but it ought to take measures to show it is no longer legally committed to the deal and the world needs to take immediate measures.

‘Russia Likely to Backstab Iran to Secure Own National Interests’

An Iranian analyst says Russia is likely to stab Iran in the back in order to secure its own national interests.

Iraq Says US Forces Will Never Leave Middle East

An Iraqi lawmaker has described Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US forces from Syria as Washington’s new tactic, saying it is an illusion to think the decision would eventually result in the pullout of all US troops from the region.

Joining Dots between Khashoggi’s Death, Yemen Peace Breakthrough

It’s no exaggeration to say the ceasefire deal brokered in the Swedish capital Stockholm last week could not be worked out if a Saudi journalist had not been slain in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul early October.

Iran Must Accelerate FATF Accession amid Israel Inclusion

Israel’s accession to the global anti-money laundering makes it more difficult for Iran to join the Financial Action Task Force, an Iranian media outlet said, arguing for quicker approval of parliamentary legislations required for Iran getting out of the body’s black list.

MPs Seeking to Impeach FM Zarif at Wrong Time: Conservative Daily

A senior conservative daily says the lawmakers’ efforts to impeach the Iranian foreign minister are not the right thing to do at this point in time.

Trump’s Iran Strategy Dictated by Saudi Arabia, Israel: Expert

A senior political analyst says the hostile policies adopted by US President Donald Trump against Iran are all dictated by Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Trump’s Iran Policy Mainly Aimed at Spoiling Obama’s Legacy: Expert

Reza Nasri, an international lawyer and foreign policy analyst, says US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and his re-imposition of US sanctions on Tehran are mainly aimed at spoiling the legacy of his predecessor Barack Obama.

Iran’s Chabahar Port to Play Key Role in Future Economy of Region

Iran, Afghanistan, and India believe the Chabahar port in south-east of Iran, which is being developed by Indian investors, will play a vital role in the future economy of region, particularly in that of the crisis-hit Afghanistan.

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