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Will Russia Remain Neutral in Case of Iran-US War?

Recent stances held by Russia have made observers in Iran worried that Moscow may take a neutral stance in case a military confrontation breaks out between Tehran and Washington amid heightened tensions in the region.
Quadrilateral Military Communication Vital to Avoid War

Quadrilateral Military Communication Vital to Avoid War

The US, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia need a regular line of communication to avert potential misunderstandings and to make sure that the four capitals can calm things down before they get out of control.
Trump's Policy Towards Iran Dangerous: German Analyst

Trump’s Policy Towards Iran Dangerous: German Analyst

A senior German analyst has warned about the dangerous co sequences of the US President's policy towards Iran.
Time Ripe for Talks between Tehran, Riyadh: Analysts

Time Ripe for Talks between Tehran, Riyadh: Analysts

In a jointly composed article, Seyyed Hossein Mousavian, a Princeton University scholar and a former member of Iran's nuclear negotiating team, and Abdulaziz Sager, Chairman of Saudi-based Persian Gulf Research Centre, say it is time for the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iran to hold talks.

Reduction of Iran’s Commitments Meant to Save Nuclear Deal

Iran’s recent move to stop implementing some of its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers is indeed meant to save the deal, not to kill it.
‘Putin’s Remarks Show Iran Shouldn’t Count on Russia’

‘Putin’s Remarks Show Iran Shouldn’t Count on Russia’

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comment that Moscow is not a fire brigade to rescue everything in the world sends the message that Iran should not pin its hope anymore on Russia anymore, a former Iranian official says.
US President Donald Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their bilateral meeting at the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium, Wednesday, July, 11, 2018. / Photo by AP

‘US Anti-Iran Moves Putting Europe’s Security in Danger’

A former Iranian diplomat says US President Donald Trump is endangering the future economic, political and security of Europe through its anti-Iran policies.

Iran Says May Go Beyond Withdrawal from Nuclear Deal

Spokesman for the Supreme National Security Council of Iran says the country will withdraw from the JCPOA and even go beyond that if other parties fail to meet Tehran’s demands.

CNN Report Proves Zarif Right about Division within Trump Team

A recent report by CNN shows Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was right when he said there is a rift between Donald Trump and members of his administration on waging war against Iran.

US Tells Iran It Has No Plan for Military Confrontation: Report

A new media report says the US high-ranking officials have recently sent an official note to Iran saying that Washington has no plan for any military confrontation with Tehran under any condition.

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