Friday, July 12, 2024

Ex-Iran envoy to Lebanon: Israel’s ground incursion into Gaza to open up more fronts against Tel Aviv

Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon says a ground incursion into Gaza by Israel will increase the likelihood of other resistance groups entering the region to defend Palestinians.

Masoud Edrisi added that Israel is preparing for a ground attack on Gaza but this operation will be limited.

Edrisi also said the Israeli forces will only take control of some areas in Gaza.

He stressed that the US opposes a ground invasion of Gaza and they are trying to talk Israel out of the decision to go into Gaza.

Edrisi however said the US is making an effort to create a corridor through which they can get the people of Gaza to leave for Egypt, adding that Washington’s goal is to evacuate the Palestinians to make it easier for Israel to achieve its goals.

On Hezbollah, the former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon said the resistance movement’s current policy is to prevent further expansion of the war.

Edrisi stressed that the Palestinian issue was slipping into oblivion prior to Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and that Hamas and Palestinians had no other choice but to wage the attack on Israel.

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