Monday, March 4, 2024

Expert: Zionist regime’s assassination of IRGC cmdr. to poke Iran

An Iranian expert has warned of Israel's efforts to drag Iran into a direct confrontation with the US in the wake of the Gaza war.

Referring to the recent assassination of an Iranian military advisor in Syria, Hassan Beheshtipour, an expert in international relations, commented on Israel’s attempts to provoke Iran militarily.

“While the theory of bringing Iran closer to war is correct, the examples used are erroneous. Israel seeks to involve Iran with America due to the high cost of direct engagement with the Islamic Republic,” he added.

He noted that,  “Considering the ongoing conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas on two fronts, engaging in war with Iran seems illogical at present. Israel aims to embroil both Iran and America in various issues.”

He continued by highlighting the perplexity behind Israel’s decision to assassinate the IRGC commander, who was in Syria to provide advisory service to the Damascus government.

The international relations expert said: “The assassination serves to boost morale among Israeli forces, who have faced significant hits in recent times. Israel must address public concerns regarding its recent perceived weaknesses in warfare.”

He warned that without decisive action, Israel may repeat such actions.

Beheshtipour suggested the Zionist regime’s assassination aimed to display power in response to part of Iran’s support for the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza.

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