Iran ex-diplomat: Economic development, military might should be in tandem

A former Iranian diplomat has warned government officials of the consequences of ignoring economic development at home while pushing for the defense and military agenda.

Sabah Zanganeh, who is also Iran’s former ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), told Jamaran news website on Wednesday that Iran will have to face major challenges if it fails to keep up with the fast economic growth in the region.

On regional level, Zanganeh said security is inseparable from development, adding countries need to strike a balance in preserving the security of the neighboring countries to avoid hurdles in their own economic growth.

He highlighted Iran’s détente policy in the region since the war with Iraq and the latest case with Saudi Arabia.

Tehran and Riyadh ironed out their differences over a host of issues, including the Saudi-led war in Yemen, and resumed their diplomatic ties after seven years.

Zanganeh said the Saudi kingdom had to distance itself from the West and the US and change its policies towards Iran after it experienced major security challenges and recognized the Islamic Republic as an influential player in West Asia.

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