Saturday, November 26, 2022


Iranian dailies: Hijab used as ploy to spark unrest in Iran

An Iranian principalist newspaper argues that Iran’s enemies who instigated the recent deadly protests in the country are in fact fumed over the Islamic Republic’s achievements in introducing Islamic hijab as a successful role model that challenges the modern Western civilization.

Iranian daily: Protests will only end with change in behavior of officials

Iranian daily Ettela’at has warned that “suppression” can only end the riots but not the protests, as rallies over the death of 22-yeard-old woman Mahsa Amini continue in different cities across the country.

Iranian daily: People on streets are rioters without leaders

An Iranian daily says ‘intellectuals’ in Iran failed to take up their leadership position for the younger generation and help thwart the recent unrest on the streets in several cities across the country.

Report: Iranian singer Shajarian, actress Dolatshai’s passports temporarily seized

Passports of Iranian Homayoun Shajarian, a prominent singer, and Sahar Dolatshahi, an actress, were seized for a few hours after their return from a foreign concert late on Saturday, according to reports.

Iranian newspaper traces public discontent to reduced welfare

Iranian daily Donyaye Eghtesad – a newspaper focused on the market and the economy – says the country is seeing public discontent because people’s livelihoods are under pressure.

Two IRIB hosts step down

Two famous Iranian radio and TV hosts have stepped down.

CEO: Iran’s Post Company suffers income loss due to internet disruption

Iran's Post Company has had its income decreased by one third following the internet restriction and filtering of applications like Instagram in Iran.

Report: IRNN playout hack caused Saturday night disruption in Iran TV news bulletin

Iran’s official IRNA news agency has quoted informed sources in the national radio and TV organization (IRIB) as saying that initial investigations show the Saturday night disruption in a live TV news bulletin was due to hacking of the News Network’s playout.

Repier: Iranian TV presenter removed over comments on the recent riots

The IRIB’s sports channel has resumed broadcasting its “Football 1” sports show, which is focused on the Iranian premier league’s matches, after a two-week pause, but with a new presenter.

Iranian Daily: Protesters not after toppling gov’t

An Iranian newspaper says the protesters who took to the streets in Iran following the death of a young woman in police custody, are not seeking to overthrow the government, warning the authorities against resorting to the 'failed confrontational tactics.'

Iran sees another day of frenzied unrest

Some Iranian towns and cities, including the capital, Tehran, reportedly witnessed another day of protests and riots on Saturday.

President Raisi: Iranian students will foil enemies’ plot 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says Iran’s enemies thought they would have the country’s universities on their side but “our students and university professors are vigilant.

Sharif University: All students arrested during a campus protest freed

Tehran-based Sharif University of technology has announced that all students of the university that were arrested during a protest several days ago have been released.

Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former Iranian president still in custody

Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, the son of the late formet Iranian president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has said his sister, Faezeh, is still in custody following her arrest over the unrest in Iran.

Iranian academician calls for talking to the youth in the wake of deadly protests

Almost three weeks into the unrest over the death of a young Iranian woman in police custody, a university professor has urged Iranian officials to talk to the younger generation as the youth are not sure about their future and need reassurances. 

Official: 19-member commission backs report on Mahsa Amini’s death

The final report of the probe into the death of a young Iranian woman who died in police custody nearly three weeks ago in the capital Tehran was confirmed by Iran’s Legal Medicine Organization after supervision by 19 medical experts, the head of the organization said.

Analyst responds to Principlist figure: Polarization of Iran society nothing new

An Iranian Reformist political analyst reacts to remarks by veteran Principlist politician Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel about the growing “polarization” in the Iranian society, saying the trend is in fact nothing new and should have been noted earlier.

Iran’s interior minister: Recent unrest orchestrated from abroad

Iran’s interior minister says foreign enemies targeted the country's peace and security amid the recent deadly upheaval in southeast of the country, but added this time too they will fail to achieve their goals.

US-Iranian citizen Baquer Namazi leaves Iran for Oman after release

Mohammad Baquer Namazi, a dual US-Iranian citizen who had been jailed in Iran over espionage for Washington since 2016, leaves the country after authorities in Tehran agreed to release him due to his health complications.

Iranian soccer player Mahini released on bail

Iranian soccer player Hosseini Mahini, who had been arrested for ‘instigating unrest’ following the death of a young woman in police custody, was released on Tuesday evening after posting bail.

Iranian newspaper: Authorities should address root cause of dissent in Iran

Iran’s Jomhuri-e-Eslami Newspaper has said in an editorial that ending the unrest in Iran does not mean eradicating its root cause.

Zarif: It would be wrong to think we can force people into following us

Iran’s former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iranian authorities are definitely mistaken if they think they can ignore people.

President Raisi: Million-man rallies in Iran failed enemies’ plots

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says the massive rallies across the country in support of the government and the establishment amid the recent unrest in the country dashed the enemies’ hopes to achieve their goals.

Students in Tehran’s Amir Kabair University hold gathering, demand release of detainees

Dozens of students reportedly gathered Monday on the campus of Tehran’s prestigious Amir Kabir University to call for the release of fellow students who have been detained in recent protests.

Mahsa Amini’s family: We’ve chosen legal path

The family of the young Iranian woman, whose death in police custody over two weeks ago sparked deadly protests in several cities, have announced that they want to pursue the case through legal channels.

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